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In spite of the fact regarding the importance of education & knowledge to all and sundry, I personally feel and take it as a magical wand to put up with all tempest & tribulations of human life.

It is a source of self identification that leads to God`s identification & recognition. It is education and only education that opens ways to secrets of nature in the service of human beings. In the Holy Quran, ALLAH (S T) has often invited its readers to ponder over the secrets of nature in order to know & admit the existence of the Creator and Sustainer. It is possible only in the presence of education and knowledge.

IQRA__ Read in the name of Allah (S T), the first word of revelation from On High, was uttered by the great angel Gabriel to the last prophet Mohammad (PBH). The incident took place under the commandment of Allah (S T) that proves the importance and credibility of education & Knowledge. It is a key to success herein and Hereafter even. Let us proceed to words it inspiring and instigating our coming generation to generation.

Iqbal, poet of the East, has once penned down in his poetic expression:


With best wishes The Manager

Rules & Regulation

  1. The students of the Jamia have to attend the daily obligatory prayers . The warden of the Jamia is entitled to warn and admonish the students.

  2. Every student is expected to concentrate over his studies , so much so that he might compete in the competitive world.

  3. Un - Islamic out appearance of a student will be taken into account . In case , after warning , the students continues the position , will be told to leave the Jamia with his belongings.

  4. Without permission of the warden , a student is not allowed to get out of the premises of the Jamia.

  5. Academic periods must be attended by every student regularly.

  6. Enrollment will be struck off in case a student remains absent for a full week.

Admission Procedure

Academic Session of the Jamia reopens on 10th of shawwal and closes for annual vacation on 20th of shaban

  1. Admission Forms can be had from the office counter of the jamia from 10th of shawwal up to the completion of seats.

  2. Candidates must bring two recent passport size photographs with them.

  3. Candidates must have testimonials &certificates from the institution last attended, leaving certificate with character certificate, domicile certificate, & Xerox copy of Ration card.

  4. In the academic section of Hifz, one can get admission till the seats are vacant.

  5. After filling up the admission form properly, submit it to the concerning table.

  6. As per the noted down instruction on the admission form, candidate must face at an entrance test.

  7. Every candidate must have to pay Rs.40. as admission fee.

  8. The arrangement of scholarship is made by the Jamia to the deserving students .

  9. After filling up the admission form properly, submit it to the concerning table.

  10. No tuition-fee is charged from any student.

  11. Rs. 400 per month , as a dieting-charge , is charged from the affording students only.

  12. 12. Books are issued in the name of students to facilitate them at their studies. The students can get back their refundable amount for RS: 200 after returning the books issued them.

Aims & objects

  1. to equip the students with the knowledge of Qur-an & Hadith in such a way as it might be a symbol of their identity .

  2. to produce such an expert & qualified scholars as they carry out their best in the field of knowledge & understanding ; especially on Hadith.

  3. to educate the students with the language of Arabic so much so that they acquire the capacity of apprehending the clear meaning & interpretation of the Holy Qur-an and Hadith ; devoting themselves for its propagation to the humanity.

  4. to instil righteous - faith , based on the Holy Book & life style of Prophet Mohammad (P B U H) , among the Muslim Ummah and keep them away from the misleading thought of this day prevailed in the society.

  5. to produce such type of theologians , literary men , orators and preachers as have attained a dominating position in the field of knowledge on one hand and have kept in mind the requirements of the day on the other.

  6. to mould the characters of the students as per the instruction of Islamic teachings , keeping them far away from evil thoughts & violence and enable them to convey the message of peace & prosperity to the whole of humanity.

  7. To arrange the students with other virtues as morality, discipline, sense of God- Loving & God- Fearing along with the understanding of patriotism in order to defend Muslim Ummah and the country against the challenges of the time.

Hazrat Maulana Dr. Taqiuddin Nadwi Retd.: Professor (Hadith) Al-Ain University Abu Dhabi

A Bioghraphical Touch:

Maulana Dr. Taqiuddin Nadwi was born on 03-01-1937 at village Muzaffarpur, Azamgarh U.P. He got his early education from a Madrasa at Chand Patti; then went to Madrasatul Islah, Saraimeer (Azagmarh) for further education . Thereafter he reached Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow for higher education . Having completed there, he did the job of teaching at various seminaries for a few years. In the meantime, his efforts escorted him to Cairo for the completion of Ph.D. Since the very beginning of his higher academic journey, he has ever been on the way of Research works, verification & compilation of many books based on the Prophetic Tradition . His journey is still on with the same fever and fervour resulting in so many books published on different topics of Hadith . He delivered a number of lectures in India and abroad on different occasions that were acknowledged and admired by great Theologians of Arab – World.

Achievements and Career:


                  Ph.D. in "Prophetic Hadith and its Sciences".
                  Received from Al Azhar University, Cairo, in 1976.
          Specialized on Thesis "AL ZOHD AL KABEER" book by Imam Al Baihaqi-                   verification and annotation.

Academic Proficiency:

1957- 1975      Lecturer at Darul Uloom Nadwt-ul-Ulema Univesity Lucknow.
16-6-1975        Scholar Advisor at Sharia Jurisprudence Department.
13-12-1981      (Abu Dhabi)
1979-1981       Delegate Professor at UAE University.
1981-1985       Lecturer at UAE University.
24-12-1985      Appointed Asst. Professor at UAE University.
27-3-1994        Promoted to Professor at UAE University.

Scholastic Works:

                    Specialty - Books compiled and verified in Arabic:

(A)Al Imam Al Bukhari - Published in Damascus 1983.
(B)Al Imam Al Dawood - Published in Damascus 1984.
(C)Al Imam Malik and his book "Al-Muatta" 1980.
Published by Ministry of Information and culture, Abu Dhabi.
(D)Aalamul Mohaddetheen in India (Prominent Hadith Narrators in
(India) Published in Saudi Arabia 1981.
(E)Al Sunna with Orientalists and Westerners
Published in Saudi Arabia 1981
(F)Hadith Narrators - Published in Saudi Arabia 1985.
(G)Verification and Commentary on "Al Zohd Al Kabeer"
book by Imam Al Baihaqi Published in Kuwait 1982.
(H)Quotations From Quran and Sunna - Published in Kuwait 1989.
(I)Studies of "Prophet Mohammad- Old biography books and its
Resources" Published in Qatar 1981.
Translated from Persian to Arabic.
(K)Zafar Al-Amani- An Explanation of Al Jurjani-Summary
by Imam Al-Lucknawi - Published in Beruit 1986.
(L)Revision and verification of the Commentary on the book
" Bazl Al-Majhood" 20 Volumes – 1973 and also Published by
Government of Abu Dhabi in 14 Volumes 2006. An explanation
of "Sunna Abu-Dawood" Published in Cairo.
(M)Revision and verification of "Aujaz Al-Masalik"
by Mohammad Zakaria Al-Kandhalwi, an explanation
of the book "Al-Muatta" by Imam Malik- 18 Volumes 2003
Published by Government of Abu Dhabi, by Deputy Prime Minister UAE.
(N)At-Taleeq Al-Mumajjad.
(O)Al-Mawahibul Latifa sharhu musnadil-imam Abihaneefa (10 Volumes).
(P)Lamaatu-Tnqueeh Sharhu Mishkatil-masabeeh (10 Volumes).

Research Articles in Arabic:

(A)Hadith-Science in India- Published in Madina University
Magazine 1979.
(B)Imam Tahawi, the Hadith narrator- Published in UAE university
Magazine 1990.
(C)A Study on the chapters of Al-Bukhari books- UAE university
Magazine 1992.
(D)Imam Nassaai and Hadith- UAE university Magazine 1991.
(E)The narrator of Al Azimabadi and his book "Oun Al Mabood"
UAE university Magazine 1994.
(F)Imam Malik and his systematic Approach in his book "Al
Muatta" – In a conference held in Abu Dhabi 1982.
(G)Imam Muslim – Published in "Manar Al-Islam" Magazine in Abu
Dhabi 1979.
(H)Imam Ibne Maja – Published in "Manar Al-Islam" Magazine in
Abu Dhabi 1979.
(I)Imam Al-Tirmizi - Published in "Manar Al-Islam" Magazine in
Abu Dhabi 1987.
(J)Explanations on Prophetic Hadith - Published in "Al-Ittihad
Daily" – 50 Issues.
(K)Imam Waliullah Dehlawi and knowledge of Hadith.
(L)An Article on the book by Allama Shibli Nomani.
(M)Life & Character of Prophet Mohammad.

Books and Research – works in Urdu:

(A)Mohaddetheen Ezam – 1967. Frist Published in 1967.
(B)Fun-Al-Asma- Al-Rijal – First Published in 1970.
(C)Sohbat-e-Ba-Aulia 1970.
(D)Chand ki Taskheer 1971.
(E)International Sermon in Darul Mosannefeen, Azamgarh India 1982.
(F)Islamic Literature Seminar- India 1981.
(G)International Conference on Prophet Mohammad.
(H)Biography and Sunna in Riyadh (Saudai Arabia 2006).
(I)Seminar on "Hindustan and Knowledge of Hadith" Jamia Islamia,
Azamgarh, India.
(J)Mohaddetheen Ezam ----Translated into Persian.
(K)AL-JAME-AL-SAHIH AL-BUKHARI the most verified & compiled book.
Comparing to ten previous books including the book by SAGHANI . (15 Volumes)
(L)Danstan meri Bio-data Hazrat Maulana taqiuddin nadwi (2 Volumes)

His Designation & attachment with many Societies & Organizations:

(A)Member of Advisory council of Nadwatul Ulama Lucknow
University in India.
(B)Member of Advisory Council of Darul Mosannefeen – Azamgarh – India.
(C)Member of Advisory council of Mazahir Uloom University Saharanpur.
(D)Rector of Islamic University, Muzaffarpur, Azamgarh U.P.
(E)Head of Prophetic biography and Sunna, Centre in Bombay, India.
(F)President of "Sheikh Abul Hasan Nadwi" Centre for Research and Islamic
Studies (Muzaffarpur, Azamgarh U.P. India)
(G)President – Mohibuddin Muslim Educational Society Mangrawan,
Azamgarh U.P.
(H)President – Managing committee, Madrasa Qasimul Uloom Mandrawan
& Inter college, Mangrawan, Azamgarh. Mangrawa Degree
College & Mangrawa Niswan Degree College, Mangrawan, Azamgarh.


1-An Award "President`s Certificate of Honour" was conferredon him for the
year 2008, in view of his achievements in the field of Islamic theology.
2-"Shah Waliullah Award" was conferred on him shortly for the year 2010 in
view of his great achievements in the field ofHadith (Prophetic Traditions).
3-Maulana Mohammad Ahmad Pratap Garhi Award for the year 2011.

In addition to the mentioned above , the person - Maulana Dr. Taqiuddin
Nadwi – is active still in field of Hadith- knowledge ; striving to collect
rarely found narrations of Prophetic Traditions in order to present them
before the world. A lot more is expected to come out of his tireless – striving.

Jamia in the eyes of Luminaries

Hazrat maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (RH)

Today, I got the 5th opportunity of visiting the Jamia Islamia on 2nd of Zilhijja 1415 Hijri . Really I feel a soft touch of those emotions of the founder of the Jamia , Maulana Dr. Taqiuudin Nadwi on which this grand and attractive building of the Jamia, along with its good looking mosque , is standing as a living witness. Owing to loving relationship , I often long to visit here . This person is more close to the Jamia than a father does to his son . This one visit tells the story of swift progress in academic & cultural field along with the development in the field of construction . May "Allah" save it from bad omen and pave the way to fulfil the longings of the founder ( Aameen).

With best compliments,

Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

(Rector : Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama , Lucknow)

Qari Siddique Ahmad Babdawi (RH)

The amazing progress of the Jamia in such a short span of time is only due to the pure inner feelings of its founder . Hazrat Maulana Dr. Taqiuddin Nadwi is blessed with many virtues by Almighty "Allah" . The best compliments from God-loving people are also with him . In-Sha-Allah the Jamia is going to be an exemplary figure to other Islamic schools in near future. Owing to loving relationship , I often long to visit here . This person is more close to the Jamia than a father does to his son . May Allah Almighty keep the founder alive for a long, long time and prosper his further plans.

Siddique Ahmad

Jamia Arabia Hathaura , Banda Up India 17th of Moharram 1413 Hijri

Hazrat Moulana Mohammad Rabey Nadwi

Jamia Islamia is the ultimate result of the emotions & striving made by Hazrat Maulana Dr. Taqiuddin Nadwi . Its progress in so much short period acclaims its bright future . Many grand buildings have come up . The Library is growing enriched with valuable & rarely found books. May Allah bless and prosper this place of learning by leaps and bounds , so that it might spread light to the progeny of Ummah and its founder be rewarded Hereafter. May Allah Almighty keep the founder alive for a long, long time and prosper his further plans.

Mohammad Rabey Nadwi

Jamia Arabia Hathaura , Banda Up India 17th of Moharram 1413 Hijri